Opening Ceremonies

Preparations to Participate in the Hula and Chant Protocol

ʻAha Wehena

A unique aspect of Ka `Aha Hula `O Hālauaola is to inform, educate and prepare prospective
participants in advance of the event so that they may actively participate in traditional ʻAha
Wehena or Opening Ceremonies and the opportunity to engage in the rites of the Kuahu Hula or
hula shrine.

January to June 2018
Hula and Chant Protocol Training Workshops

Traditional chants, hula and protocol selected for Ka `Aha Hula `O Hālauaola’s Kuahu Hula or
Opening Ceremonies will be conducted on all of the main Hawaiian Islands, as well as on the US
Continent in advance of the June 2018 ʻAha Hula. These workshops are an essential part in
preparing kumu hula, alaka`i and accomplished haumāna to participate in Kuahu ceremonies. Itis
our hope that the Kumu Hula, ʻAlakaʻi, Hoʻopaʻa and ʻOlapa who participate in the training
workshops can return to their respective hālau and train other haumana.
Overseas workshops in Japan and Europe may be considered based on the level of interest and
partnership support from these destinations to host and dispatch training teams to additional

Dates and times of Hula and Chant Protocol Training Workshops will be posted on this website.
If you are interested in hosting a workshop in your community, please contact the KAHOH 2018
Office – (808) 765-9581